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which way to nowhere
to infinity! and beyond
unabridged !
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23rd-Jan-2007 08:49 am(no subject)
Okay guys, I really think this sucks, but I would love for you too give me your opinions. Be brutal. I can take it.
This is for an audition. So, be honest.


If there's any double-back or echoing it's because I used the instrumental layer from a professional recording of this song.

Anyway, please Hippo/Evil twin?
23rd-Jan-2007 08:07 am(no subject)

It was effing insane

I was on and I was talking to Evil Twin and then she went away, and so I was finishing up some tags because in another RP Mora is being wicked and seducing Lavender and and and...then I passed out and so the family got all panicky and took me to the evil hospital where THEY TOOK OFF MY RINGS yes, and gave me some new blood, because apparently my evil genetics are being evil again.

So then they KEPT ME THERE FOR THREE SODDING HOURS and then, by then, it was time to sleepy when I finally got back to the bloody Covenstead.

killing spree
15th-Jan-2017 03:30 am - you're not invited.
Unless you've an invite here, don't ask us to join. Please, kay, thanks.

the management.

all future entries will be locked.
show me i'm your girl tonight
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